Ohio Valley Small Tractor Association


All Club Pulls Start at 12 p.m.
Behind Lawrence School – State Route 26, Dart, Ohio

Classes and Rules are as follows for 2023

900# Kids Class (For Children 13 years and under – as of January 1, 2023)

1000# Powder Puff Class (Females only)

1000# Open Class (Any Age or Gender)

1200# Open Class (Any Age or Gender)

1. All individuals must pay membership dues in order to participate in club pulls held at Dart. Dues are $15.00 for family membership, $10.00 for individual adult and $3.00 for children 13 years and under as of January 1, 2018.

2. You must be a club member and attend at least three (3) pulls as an adult and two (2) pulls as a kid, fair or club, to attend banquet.

3. Tractor can not be touched by anyone other than driver after pull starts. If you are physically able and adult (13 years old and older) you must work the clutch on your own. If under 13 years old and pulling in an adult class, an adult can help with the clutch but they may only use their hand on the clutch.

4. A maximum draw bar height of twelve (12) inches on a stationary hitch. Hitch position may be mounted horizontal or vertical. Vertical opening being a minimum of 1 ¼ inches with a maximum of 2 ½ inches.

5. Weights must be securely fastened, and not extend over twenty-four (24) inches from furthest point of original tractor, front or back. Safety device to prevent overturning is required. If not, two club members will stay on each side of tractor to prevent overturning.

6. Maximum tire size 23×10.50×12 Agriculture tires only. Modified rims are permissible.

7. Tractor may be entered with one (1) driver per two (2) tractors per class. Points will be awarded to all drivers of the class, as well as money. First ball drawn will be points tractor.

8. No starter/ generator switch is to be used while pulling.

9. Pulling chain will be thirty (30) inches in length, including hooks, with a full pull being seven (7) feet.

10. No tractor will be permitted to hook to the sled without a distance of ten (10) feet or more hooking point of sled to boundary (shortest distance measured).

11. 50% of all entries in any one class will be paid back on a basis of 50% – 30% – 20% with points only going to 4th place. One (1) hook point per driver, per class will be given. All tractors must be weighed out with an officer or trustee present. Once tractor is weighed and you are pulling in that class, you must keep your tractor near the track. At any time during the class your tractor leaves the track, you must weigh back in. Top four (4) tractors in each class must weigh out and have hitch height checked.

12. Entry fee will be $2.00 for 900# Kids Class and 1000# Powder Puff Class; $3.00 for the 1000# Open and 1200# Open Classes.

13. Track will be approximately eight (8) feet wide and maximum, for length.

14. Once a class has started the track cannot be changed; but the weights can be changed at the discretion of the officers and trustees after three (3) pulls. Weight can be added or taken off and class will be restarted. If 1 tractor full pulls in the first three (3) tractors of the class, sled stays as it is.

15. All drivers must keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times and stay on the seat. Tractor must be straddled. NO BOUNCING.

16. If class is cancelled for any reason the make-up class will be scheduled at a later date with class starting completely over. Regular class will be first, make-up class last. THERE WILL BE NO CONTINUATION PULLS.

17. Tractor will be judged where it comes to rest. Judges’ decision will be final. If in any case a judge doesn’t wish to make a decision, the majority of the club members participating in that class will rule. BUT AT NO TIME WILL MEMBERS OVER-RULE JUDGES! No kids 12 and under will be allowed to judge or hook.

18. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the event